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Mens Fashions

How Fashions Important in your Life

Every Man has a reason to own a good fashion suit, whether it’s to attend friend’s wedding nail a big presentations at work, or just boot the class factor. Suits are the surest way to be dressed when you need to look your best.

A few minor details missed when putting together a business plan could have a huge effect on the outcome of its success.

Missed details when revising because you doubt their importance, could appear in the exam causing a lower grade.

While dressing every morning could turn as fashion look into an average one. But which things we should focus on it?

Most important first thing is Cloth Fitting which is number one fundamental when it comes to dressing stylishly, and we cannot stress its important enough. There is no comparison when you compare 2000 dollar suit from Burberry that doesn’t fit us right to a 100 dollar suit from custom tailored suit that’s fit well. But get the fit wrong and you are in trouble.   

The second important things is proportion Combining fit with the cut of the clothes and adding in the importance of the right tie knot, proportions are extremely important.

The third one is Fabric which close one for best  fashions we might lose you with this one but ad agree in textiles is not needed to understand high quality fabrics. High quality cottons and linen pay attention to the fabric it’s made with and the way it’s constructed.

The fourth one is The Tie knot, the way you tie your tie has a huge impact on your sartorial game Keep it simple with ‘ school boy knot’ and concentrate on achieving the classic tie.

The last things is Accessories if you wear a navy suit and white shirt, you are running the risk of bumping into a high percentage of guys wearing the same thing. Jewelers, socks, headwear and scarves are also viable option. Don’t over accessories though, If you feel like you’re overdoing it take off the last accessory you put on.

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bobbys fashions

How to choose Perfect Men’s Suit

Most of men’s have not idea what to look for when buying a suit. Bobby’s Fashions will help you to choose perfect suit and Its show the perfect measurements and things to look out for when buying a new suit.

perfect mens suit

While choosing suit keep eye on these seven things below

1. Suit Collar

The suit collar should follow the shirt collar very closely there should be No GAP. The overlapping lapel should not rise and curve against the shirt , but lie flat at a straight angle.

2. Suit Shoulders

Your suit should always have perfectly tailored shoulder. If the end slightly after your shoulders the jacket will not look right.

3. Suit Buttons

If you are wearing a two button suit jacket then only Top button should be fastened. If you are wearing a three button suit jacket then the MIDDLE button should be the only one fastened button should never fall below the navel.

4. Suit Shirt sleeve length

Between a quarter and half inch of your shirt cuff should be visible after your suit jacket arms

5. Jacket length

Your knuckles should be even with the bottom of your jacket.

6. Sleeve length

Jacket sleeves should be fall where the base of your thumb meets your wrist. Not below, and not above

7. Trouser length

You should have around one inch of break falling over your shoes. Too much break looks sloppy and ill fitting, whereas too little break will show your socks or ankles.

The Different Types of Bow Ties

The Different Types of Bow Ties

types of bow tie

Let’s discuss about ties. How much is it important while wear suits, No matter what type of profession you are, a good gentleman should always have a few good ties on hand for interviews, special occasions, business meeting or even a night out when you want to look extra classy. When worn out right, a tie can take even the most basic of looks up a couple notches. Below are six different types of ties, and how you can fit in them into your clothes styles.

  1.     Skinny Bow Tie

The skinny bow tie was first made popular in the ‘Rat Pack Era’. This is often a great option for fun and formal evening. Though its important to also information for the size of your head and lapels. If either is large, the bow tie will look too small.

  1.     Thin Bow Tie

The thin bow tie is what most people have in mind when they think above wearing a skinny bow tie. At.5’ smaller than a normal bow tie, it gives off a smooth and stylish vibe and is a suitably equal for most head sizes.

  1.     Normal Bow Tie

This is your standard bow tie size. A 2.5′ bow tie will always look suitably regular on almost everyone. The look is a very balanced one, which doesn’t draw attention to itself because of size but rather because of its undeniable class.

  1.     Butterfly Bow Tie

While butterfly or ‘Flare’ ties periodically come in and out of style, there is always place for them in the formal spectrum. Typically these work best on men with large heads, or large personalities, any bow tie 3’ or large falls into the category.

  1.     Diamond Bow Tie

If you are sold on the class and versatility of a 2.5′ bow tie, but you want something a little more attention grabbing, try a 2.5′ diamond tie. Often the preferred tie for James bond, this bow tie takes the classic and ramps it up a bit.

  1.     Self Bow Tie

Perfectly imperfectly, undoubtedly the most formal of bow ties is the bow tie you tie yourself. Self bow tie usually end up somewhere between 2.5′ – 3′ once tied but they come in all shapes and sizes. These are suggested for any true black tie affair.

between the British, Italian and American suits

What is the different between the British, Italian and American suits Infographics?

Welcome back to Bobbys Fashions! Hope you are all doing well!

Let see the different between the British, Italian and American suits. Which is best for you and your body shape, when choosing the suit for you, always keep in mind those things and pick suits what you best.

Usually, Italian suits work best for a slim and athletic person. American suits are for very tough built, and can look great with little extra work if you want to have it custom tailored. But British suits are still the most formal wear all time, and can be highly tailored to any kind of body type.

And if you feel none of those British, Italian and American suit styles fits you, your unique idea of style and your personality, then combine them, change them, turn them inside out, just like those inspiring artist did before you. And maybe, there will be someone writing about your style in the future.

Difference between the British, Italian and American suits Infographics?


American British Italian Suit Infographics



You want to look something a better-dressed on casual clothing. And that style of you still likes to keep it casual dress. So what you are really looking for is some casual style ideas for men who want to look cool casual outside of a suit and tie. So well, you have come to the right place.

Follow our Bobbys Fashion guide on cool casual outfit ideas for men

1. Dress like a Men, Stop Dressing Like a Boy

Many men come close to their casual style from the wrong thoughts; they want to look young. But if you want to look young and style, you should always focus to look mature too. Because maturity is an attractive quality for real men so dress like a man not a boy After all Maturity what separates the men from the boys. Maturity its shows masculinity and commands respect, and it’s a quality you want people to see in you.

Dress Like a Men

2. Give Up the Graphic T-shirts (Tees)
You don’t want people to see you as a man-child, do you? Then be a man, and stop wearing graphic tees. Instead, opt for solid, one-color t-shirts, striped tees or Henley’s. Its look much cooler and more masculine than the ones, these kinds of t-shirts will make you stand out against an ocean of graphic-tee-wearing men.
Just look at these examples:

T shirt

3. Rock Jeans – Make you look good
Avoid baggy jeans. You want to avoid having to pull up your jeans every two seconds. Avoid big logos on your ass. Instead, keep your jeans simple. Go for a straight, clean, dark-blue pair that fits like it was made for you. Trust me; you’ll look awesome.

Rock Jean

4. Footwear
Your dirty, beat-up sneakers will ruin an otherwise excellent outfit. You’ll want to replace them with something more dignified. And don’t think people don’t notice your shoes. They will notice especially girls. Desert boots look much nicer than sneakers, but aren’t as dressy as some other leather shoes. They’re right in-between, which makes them perfect for casual wear. Plus, they’re perfect comfortable. Get yourself a pair and you won’t regret it.


5. Layer Your Clothes
It’s a simple fix, and hardly earth-shattering, but it just gives that bit more detail to the outfit that makes it more visually appealing. And you don’t have to stop at one additional layer. You can wear two, three, even four layer at a time. So play around!

Layer Cloth

Image Source: restartyourstyle


Why Should choose Tailoring Services?

Today most of people men’s and women’s prefer to buy ready made clothes, do not understanding the necessary of tailoring because now They have solutions for men, women and kids from the comfort of a size for their boy type, and few people think economically want to save their tailoring cost, time and expect instant solution for clothing problems too.

How Tailoring Services is better than Ready made clothing?

Best Fitting

If you go with readymade clothes you can get only in general sizes like a small (S), medium(M), large(L) and extra large (XL) and double large (XXL) sizes but if you choose tailoring service you can get perfect fit for your body size from tailor.

Best Fitting

Unique Style

Few styles does not work for some people so you can get your unique style for your own choice by choosing tailoring service. You can add unique collar, cuff model, button style in custom tailoring service.

Unique Style

Unique Design

While shopping clothes a lot of youngster looking for unique design because everybody feel to look different from others, So keep follow latest designer to look for their unique designs. But today especially most women and collage girls prefer to choose their own designs and to implement their own style to the tailors.

Unique Design

Cloth Quality

When you go to shopping usually checking cloth fabric is important. If you like a unique design some clothes looks good but fabric material quality will poor so if you choose tailoring service you will get your design in your favorite material or quality fabric.


As well, today we can do online shopping and buy any ready made clothes from online by sitting in home, and also we have a option for online tailoring service too with the help of online Tailoring services that offers you a lot of convenience of stitching dress by using 3D visualization tool like a fit4bond which help to measure you stitching size exactly for custom & bespoke tailors service.


The Professional and Proper Dress Code Guide

Proper dress code is a good manners, it is also one of the most common things today for manly professionalism. Our outward appearance is the first impressions people by the way they dress that creates a positive impression. So Here’s how to wear proper dress codes and make sure you fit for any situation. There is a couple of dress code need to follow that business, smart casual and casual dress code. 

Business Dress Code Guide

  •         Suit matching two piece, dark colored, plain or pinstripe suit.
  •         Formal shirt plain light color, single or double cuff. English spread collar
  •         Cufflinks Optional keep simple and fine
  •         Leather belt plain leather color to match suit.
  •         Derby shoes polished black leather derby or oxfords no slip-ons.
  •         Tie professional color and design

For business formal, in interviews or boardrooms wear white shirt.

Business Dress Code Guide

Smart Casual Dress Code Guide

  •         Smart  Jacket Tweed jacket or blazer
  •         Casual Shirt Button down collar. Stripes or check designs acceptable.
  •         Chinos Pleated or flat fronted chino for informal events dark. Tailored jeans are considered common attire.
  •         Brogues loafers, monk shoes. Chelsea boots are ok at informal events.
  •         Socks Optional or you could wear invisible socks.

It is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Smart Casual Dress Code guide

Casual Dress Code Guide

  •         Polo Shirt Polo shirt, long or short sleeved patterned shirt.
  •         Casual Trousers Cords, dark fitted jeans or chinos.
  •         Jacket no pocket required
  •         Jumper A Merino wool or cashmere jumper is optional.
  •         Deck Shoes Desert shoes, desert boots or smart trainers.

Consider who you are meeting and the image you want to project  

Casual Dress Code Guide

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body size

Find Right Jacket For Your Body Shape

Women’s body shapes are frequently spoken about, but very little attention is paid to men’s with more and more men becoming interested in fashions and caring about their appearance, Bobby’s Fashions has created this graphic to help choosing the right jacket or coat to set off their physiques.

Short Guys

  • Avoid anything horizontal. go for vertical
  • If your torso is short, don’t be afraid to buy short length suits.
  • A smaller pant break can help make your look a bit taller.
  • Peak lapels can make your shoulders appear broader
  • For the sleeves, a little bit extra shirt cuff peeking out can make your arms appear longer

Short Guys

Tall Guys

  • Stick to two buttons a three button suit is overkill.
  • Keep the cuff showing of your shirt to a minimum.
  • A lower button stance can help make your torso appear shorter.
  • Go for decent amount of break in the pant leg.
  • Always wear a belt.
  • Make sure your pants and sleeves are long enough – any shortness will accentuate your appendages.

Tall Guys

Bigger Guys


  • Slim ties will disappear on you – stick to 3 inch and wider
  • Lighter weight fabrics can make you appear less bulky
  • Fit is key – any extra fabric will just make you appear larger
  • Vest or vertical stripes can help you appear taller.
  • Skip the belt – go for suspenders instead.
  • Never go untucked

Bigger Guys

Athletic Guys

  • Buy suit separates so you can accommodate your larger chest or thighs.
  • Pay special attentions to how your suit fit on the sides waists as it well need to taper down to your waist.
  • Tailoring is key – as most suits won’t fit off the rack and need to be adjusted.
  • Don’t wear peak lapels

Athletic Guys

Men’s Fashion Guide and Ideas

Latest Men’s Fashion Guide and Ideas

When you meet people, you judge them by their dressing so a smart dressing is a smart way of introduction.

If you are not clear in your mind what to look for while buying clothes such as shirts, pants or other types of apparel like a Suit, Blazer or something else, here are some guides about what to pay special attention to when shopping and trying on your clothes.

Guide for Shirts

Collar – It should not narrow your neck and if you turn your head, your collar should not turn with it.
Shoulder -The layer should be at your shoulder bone.
Cuff -They should end where your palm begins. They should be looser on the wrist than a watch
Length – you should be able to move naturally without the shirt untucking

guide for shirt

Guide for Blazers and suit jackets

Collar – The jacket collar should allow 2 cm of your shirt collar to show.
Buttons – The jacket should not pull across the chest when buttoned
Length – The second button from the button should rest above your belly button
Sleeves – when your arms are at your sides, the sleeves should cover your wrist but go no father

guide for blazer

Guide for Coats

Size – it should be too roomy and fit close to your body.
Shoulder – The seam should be at the edge of your shoulder.
Bottoms – Watch out for the bottom flaring out, as this means the coat doesn’t fit right.

guide for coat

Guide for Pants

Chinos – They should be close to the leg but not enough to case resistance.
Dress Trousers – They should drape a little more than chinos and avoid pleats
Jeans – The number of breaks varies according to preference and the style of jeans.

guide for pant

Guide for Ties

Length – The button of the tie should reach the middle of your belt
Knot – It should not make tighter the collar but just sit under it.

guide for tie

Guide for Shoes

Heel – You should not be able to fit a finger behind your heel.
Sides – Little to no pressure should be put on the sides of your feet.
Toes – The front of the shoe should not press on your toes.

guide for shoe

Tips to Choose the Men’s Blazer

Best Tips to Choose the Mens Blazer with Perfect Flexibility

We all have that a common assumption that blazers, suit jackets and sport coats are all the same. While they surely share some of the similarities in expressions of style and function, they are each unique with their own individual uniqueness. Those are naturally made of each wool, cotton, linen, or various blends materials, complete with a pair of matching trousers and jeans.

Here are the tips to choose the right men’s blazer with perfect flexibility.

    • Consider the color of a blazer that’s really has no limit. So pick ones that match your color and your main skin tone can also find out which color families look best.
    • Choosing material which fabrics are best when it comes to buying a blazer is important and also it’s very complicated too. A blazer should be not simply for its might be better-quality and comfortable feel.
    • Now we have a lot of size available in market such as Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and etc. but some people could not get perfect size for their body size so it’s better to find the custom made suit tailored around you.
    • While choosing your blazer which should have just long enough to cover your hips and your front jeans or trouser zip.
    • A final important tip is how many buttons maintain in the blazer which is main things in blazer. A good looking and perfect fit of the blazer is making sure that the top button of a two-button or the middle button of a three-button blazer. But casual suits look great with a single button.

Next time When you go to shopping keep focus on these tips.