Our Process

Our Process

We are able to give you the best quality garment every single time that you order from us, as we follow a rigorous and clear-cut process to finish your garment.

Visiting the Store

When you come to Bobby’s Fashions, we assign a member of our staff especially for you to guide you in our store. Our clothiers have extensive experience in customer service and in the process of bespoke tailoring, and they will be able to answer any doubts and questions that you may have.

Choosing the Fabric

We have one of the largest fabric storehouses in Hong Kong, and you can choose the fabrics that are to your liking from our huge library. We have the best fabrics imported from United Kingdom, Italy and France. You will be spoilt for choice but do not worry; our staff is there to help you choose.

Design Process

After choosing the kind of fabric, you are all ready to design your bespoke garment. We will guide you through a number of fits and styles to give you an idea of the design process. You can choose individual elements of the design including the stitches, button sizes, pockets, positioning, lining clothes etc., as per your wish.

Measuring your size

The best part of wearing a bespoke tailored suit is to have it designed and made to fit your exact size and style. Our expert team will measure the sizes of every part of the garment. These steps ensure that the final product fits you perfectly.

Sending to Workshop

After the complete and elaborate recording of all your needs in the garment, it will be sent to our workshops, where our team of experts will work on the fabric to make it a suit of your dreams.

Making Alterations

After meticulously designing and tailoring the garment according to your elaborate requirements, we will give you the finished masterpiece. If for any reason, you are not comfortable with the final outcome, we will make the necessary alterations for you at no extra charges. This is the Bobby’s Promise.

Accessorizing the garment

When you are happy with your garment, you can choose from an extensive array of accessories that can compliment your garment. We have a huge selection of accessories such as ties, tie bars, cuff pins, cuff links, matching kerchiefs, watches, shoes and other accessories .


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