Bespoke Garments


All of our garments are specifically tailored to suit your individual requirements. We don’t possess a mock-up kit of garments that are altered to your size but instead, we make the whole garment right from our design table. However, if you’re in urgent need, we also have some readymade garments to suit you just right.


Bespoke SuitsOur professional and highly experienced team consists of master cutters and tailors that handcraft suits to perfection, everywhere from measuring the size and making the patterns, right down to cutting the fabric. At Bobby’s, we follow a strict process of quality assurance and quality control.

Regardless of the activity or special occasion, whether wedding suits, everyday business suits or just a one-off for a fancy cocktail event, you can choose and customize everything from the fabric, usage of threads and buttons, the collar design, the pocket size and position, the canvass that we use, vents, and more. From having such unrestrained power to customize your clothes, we’re confident that there’s no greater place to stitch your bespoke suits anywhere in the world than there is at Bobby’s Fashions.

Our bespoke suits are made to perfection with the utmost style and comfort to not only make you look suave and ready, but to also make you feel wonderful and confident from the inside out.


Bespoke ShirtsNo suit is complete without a contrasting yet augmented shirt to go with it. When it comes to our bespoke garments, the process doesn’t end when we make the perfect suit, but when we tailor the perfect shirt to seamlessly complement your suit. A suit will only look as great as the shirt that goes with it. If you’re not comfortable with the shirt, then you won’t be comfortable with your overall look.

Our bespoke shirts are designed to fit your size and personal style from the very beginning. Here, you can choose the fabric, the collar, the handcuffs, the pockets and even the buttons you desire. Our expert team of master cutters and tailors will then make the perfect shirt for your suit – that’s our promise to you.


Bespoke TuxedoIf you’ve ever wondered what’s the difference between a suit and a tuxedo, then you’ve come to the right place. Suits can’t be worn on every occasion, whereas a tuxedo proves the perfect choice for certain places and special events. A tuxedo is simply, a go-to suit for a dinner party or any other formal occasion that you’re invited to attend in Hong Kong or across the globe.

At Bobby’s Fashions, our bespoke tuxedos are custom-made, so you can make the ultimate style statement by choosing the best look for you. While a suit is often made from the finest fabrics alone, a tuxedo includes luxe additional features, such as having satin in the lapels. Typically, suits won’t have satin, however all tuxedos should include at least a layer of satin in order to exude a lustrous look and feel.

We want you to look your absolute best, which is why we help you choose the exact fabric that you desire for your very own custom-made tuxedo. We also have a wide collection of satins for you to try, while our experts guide you when choosing the best accessories to immaculately suit your ideal tuxedo.

With Bobby’s Fashions by your side, you will be the center of attraction. As our bespoke tuxedos are custom-made just for you, we can assure you’ll also feel confident from the inside out. The luxurious comfort of each tuxedo’s fine cloth, is sure to enhance your self-confidence and self-assurance. Bring your best personality to light with a suit that encapsulates the excellence within you.


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