Bespoke Garments

Bespoke Garments

All our garments are tailored to suit your requirements. We do not maintain a mock down kit of garments that are altered to your size. We make the whole garment right from the design table. However, if you are in an urgent need, we also have some readymade garments for you that can suit you just right.

Our expert team consisting of master cutters and master tailors will handcraft the suits for you right from measuring the size, making the patterns and cutting the fabric. We follow a strict process of quality assurance and quality control.

You can choose and customize everything from the fabric, usage of threads and buttons, the design of collar, the lapels, the position and size of the pockets, the canvass that we use, the vents and more. With such complete ability to customize your clothes, you cannot find a better place to stitch your bespoke suits anywhere in the world.

Our Bespoke Suits are made to perfection with style and comfort that can not only make you look great but also make you feel great and confident from the inside.

No suit is complete without a contrasting but augmenting shirt to go with it. Our bespoke garments does not stop with making the perfect suit for you but also in tailoring the perfect shirt that will suit the style of your suit. A suit will only look as great as the shirt that is inside it. If you are not comfortable with the shirt inside the suit, you will not be comfortable from the inside.

Our bespoke shirts are made from the start to fit your size and style. You can choose the fabric that you want, the collar that you like, the handcuffs and the pockets in it and even the buttons that want in your shirt.. Our expert team of master cutters and tailors will make the perfect shirt for your suit.

If you are wondering, what is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo, then you are in the right place. You cannot wear a suit everywhere. For certain places and occasions, you might need a tuxedo. A tuxedo is the go to suit for a dinner party or any other formal occasions that you have to attend. Our bespoke tuxedos are custom made for you. Make your style statement by choosing the best look for you. While a suit is made of the finest fabrics alone, a tuxedo will have satin in the lapels and on the matching pants. Mostly, a suit will not have satin in it but all tuxedos should have a layer of satin that gives the lustrous look and feel.

At Bobby’s Fashions, we help you choose the fabric that you want for your tuxedo. We have a huge collection of satin for you to try. Our experts will guide you to choose the best accessories that can go well with the tuxedo that you are choosing.

With Bobby’s Fashions by your side you will be the center of attraction of the party. You will feel confident from the inside in any situation as our bespoke tuxedos are made especially for you. The comfort of the cloth will enhance your self-confidence and self-assurance. It will go well with your self-made personality.