Bespoke Tailoring


The art of stitching clothes to seamlessly fit an individual is a timely process, only performed to perfection at Bobby’s Fashions. Our Master Shanghainese tailors work tirelessly to provide you with the perfect blend of style, comfort and class. Our custom-made suits, shirts and dresses are sure to augment your elegance and set you apart from the crowd.

Through our wide range of contemporary designs and conventional styles, we enable several options for you to choose from. If you have something in mind, we’ll do our best to bring it to life.

Whether it’s a custom-made shirt or a bespoke suit, we handpick all of the materials used to make your garment. This is how we assure that the final garment satisfies both your special requirements and personal sense of style. Although we offer a list of features for you to add, the product will be made to your liking as we don’t force anything on our esteemed customers. We’re here to make you happy, and so we promise to make the clothing masterpiece that will make you happy.

Three Reasons to Choose Bobby's Fashions Bespoke Tailors

Endless Customisation

You can choose any and every feature that you desire for your bespoke tailored garment. Regardless of it being custom-made shirts or a suit, our job is to make the garment that not only fits your body perfectly, but also fits all of your needs. You can choose everything from the button sizes, the color threads and any other aesthetic features that you’d like to include.

Tailored To Perfection

We pride ourselves in providing nothing but perfect garments and accessories to all of our customers. Our tailors work hard to ensure that the clothes fit you down to the last thread. Our bespoke shirts are tailored to fit comfortably and stylishly. We are confident you won't find better shirts in Hong Kong!

A Huge Array of Accessories

At Bobby’s, you have the option of building your own style by mixing and matching across the various accessories that we stock in alignment with our clothes. Our superior customer service, together with an immense range of sleek accessories made just for you, is sure to make you feel complete.


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