1. Perfect Fit – To wear a bespoke suit is to indulge oneself in the knowledge that the cloth draping over your body was cut for your individual shape. Your suit will only fit one man in the world perfectly. And that man is you.
  2. Customization – Do you want peak lapels on a 2 button single breasted jacket? Would you like a double vented jacket to ensure your backside is not exposed when you place your hands in your pockets? How about your name or a special message inscribed above an interior pocket? These are just a few of the thousands of options available.
  3. Quality – We back our men’s suits, dress shirts, and other garments with a 100% guarantee. Every garment is inspected numerous times to ensure you are always satisfied with your clothing.

For more information on why to choose bespoke, visit our style guide article on the subject

That’s true……but do you want a cheap suit that does not fit your body, is the wrong color for your complexion, and is not built to last a single professional cleaning? At Bobby’s Fashions we provide value in the form of a custom bespoke suit that complements your unique features. Our suits look good on you because they are crafted in the ways of classical men’s styling. One of our jackets will look good on its wearer not only a month after the purchase, but for a lifetime.

Yes, no doubt about it. By following the detailed instructions in our measurement guide and using a fabric tape measure, you can consistently obtain accurate measurements. In addition, we ask you optional bits of information which allow us to cross-check your submitted measurements. If a red flag pops up, we will contact you.

No, we encourage our clients to have a friend or clothing professional measure them and even offer to refund you the cost up to $25 in the form of an in-store credit. Having assistance in gathering your measurements can make the process that much faster.

If you follow the step-by-step measuring instructions and use an accurate tape measure, the chances of this are small. But let’s say you do make a mistake, perhaps you enter your waist as being 32 inches when it is really a 42 inches. When we review your information we will immediately see a red flag. Our check measurement for the waist, jean size, would tell us that there is a conflict. In addition, we look at how closely related measurements interact with each other for any anomalies.

Let us put it this way – the more information you give us, the happier you will be with your suit, dress shirt, sports jacket, or other garment. Although we could build you a garment with only three measurements, it would be nothing better than an off-the-rack suit or shirt. We ask every question in the measurement collection section for a reason; every measurement and physical attribute question is gathering crucial data.

Yes, every customer has a unique pattern built from their measurements. This is one of the distinguishing features between a made-to-measure and a bespoke shirt or suit.

No, we do not charge extra for tall or large customers. If you fit into this category, then please visit our men’s style guide for tips on designing your garment. The design of your suit is very important to ensure the proper proportions. If your measurements fall out of our online parameters, simply contact us and we’ll finish the order via email.

Our Bespoke Suits start at $450 and our custom dress shirts start at $75. We also sell Bespoke Overcoats starting at $550, Sports Jackets starting at $275, Blazers starting at $250, and Trousers starting at $125.

Upon a successful purchase, you should receive an email from Bobby’s Fashions. If you do not receive an email within 30 minutes of purchase, please feel free to contact us to confirm the status of your order.


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