Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us as soon as you discover your garment does not fit you as you feel it should. We handle every case individually, and you can rest assured we want to make you happy with your purchase.

Upon the initial determination that Bobby’s Fashions has made a mistake, we will then make arrangements to have the clothing shipped back to us. Upon inspection of the garment and verification of all discussed information, we will redo the garment for you if necessary.

If you find that you have made a mistake, contact us immediately and we will do everything possible to avert the error from being reflected in your clothing.

$99 – $139 – $179 – $199 – $299 – $399

Mother of pearl buttons, monograms, gussets, split yokes, removable collar stays, and twenty stitches per inch, gauntlet buttons are all standard. From there you can request anything – we’ll to our best to accommodate you!

If something falls apart, of course we’ll take it back and repair it. If it’s minor (such as a button falling off), we’ll ask you to take it to a local tailor or seamstress for the repairs. The cost is then refunded to you with an in-store credit.

Bespoke is where something is made from the primary parts for a single customer. This means creating a pattern for every single customer based off their measurements alone, then using this pattern to build garments unique in the entire world from the fabric and to the design specs as determined by the customer. Bespoke requires a human touch; machines can be used, but only as tool guided by a skilled artist. The final bespoken creation is perfect for only one man, the man who commissioned it.

We use a cotton thread in areas where there is little tension, a stronger polycotton where seams and stress is expected. We do not use silk as that it is not as strong when it comes to abrasion resistance; when wet it loses 20% of its strength (vs. cotton gaining 30%), and once stretched it does not return to its original length. We can use it on buttonholes when requested.

Roughly 85% of the jackets construction is done by hand – but for an additional $400 we can hand make a full floating canvas with horsehair for any jacket commissioned.

Suit jacket shoulder pads are handmade from pressed cotton to allow some give. The amount of padding depends on the size, build, and desires of the customer.