Yes, upon request. Expect a $35 charge on a jacket and $25 for button fly trousers.

Right now our business model is not set up so that we can do multiple fittings. But we do a lot of work on the front end to ensure your clothing fits perfectly. First time customers are asked for front, back, and side photographs along with measurements from your best fitting jacket. Not that we copy this; no, we use this information to see where you are coming from and what type of fit you are used to.

We have 15 lining types on the website, but have access to literally any color and design you can think of. We offer both Bemberg and silk (for an additional $150); both work, although we recommend Bemberg as that it has been in use for over 75 years, is superior to silk in performance, and is less expensive.

Not just one, but two hands attach every jacket lining!

Only if the customer asks – but then the jacket will be less form fitting than it would have been. If the jacket is being made for a large man, this isn’t an issue. But for most men we highly recommend jacket darts.

If this is the case, please send the jacket back or we will refund you any tailoring expenses with an in-store credit.

We would ship it to you to have it attached locally. But all of our garments come with extra button sewn in just in case this happens.

They are sewn by hand on all our suits, sports jackets, and blazers.

Yes, this is part of Bobby’s Fashions house style.

Yes, the length depends on the lapel choice, but normally on a notch lapel you’ll see ¾ of an inch while on a peak lapel more like 1 inch. We can and do make these as big or small as the customer wants. All of our boutonniere holes include a catch in the back so they can support a flower.

We set our jacket sleeves by hand of course!

Yes, but we’ll need your armscye measurement and armscye depth. We prefer to wait till customers 2nd jacket, in that getting this perfect is more of an art than a science. In addition most men find our standard armhole height higher than what they are used to from off the rack and are more than satisfied with our initial build.

When making a jacket for the first time, we require photos from the customer in order to gauge this. The wrong sleeve pitch is a very difficult thing to fix as that the sleeves have to be taken off and adjusted. We would take back the jacket and adjust it ourselves in this case.

We are a company that prides itself on great service and communication skills – the person you speak with on the phone works directly with our certified master tailor on every order. Every order is carefully examined, every garment painstakingly designed and drawn out – this is one of our value-adds, a solid stream of communication that ensures the clients desires are not lost in the process.

Every client has a unique pattern made – this is not made to measure.