How Fashions Important in your Life

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How Fashions Important in your Life

Every Man has a reason to own a good fashion suit, whether it’s to attend friend’s wedding nail a big presentations at work, or just boot the class factor. Suits are the surest way to be dressed when you need to look your best.

A few minor details missed when putting together a business plan could have a huge effect on the outcome of its success.

Missed details when revising because you doubt their importance, could appear in the exam causing a lower grade.

While dressing every morning could turn as fashion look into an average one. But which things we should focus on it?

Most important first thing is Cloth Fitting which is number one fundamental when it comes to dressing stylishly, and we cannot stress its important enough. There is no comparison when you compare 2000 dollar suit from Burberry that doesn’t fit us right to a 100 dollar suit from custom tailored suit that’s fit well. But get the fit wrong and you are in trouble.   

The second important things is proportion Combining fit with the cut of the clothes and adding in the importance of the right tie knot, proportions are extremely important.

The third one is Fabric which close one for best  fashions we might lose you with this one but ad agree in textiles is not needed to understand high quality fabrics. High quality cottons and linen pay attention to the fabric it’s made with and the way it’s constructed.

The fourth one is The Tie knot, the way you tie your tie has a huge impact on your sartorial game Keep it simple with ‘ school boy knot’ and concentrate on achieving the classic tie.

The last things is Accessories if you wear a navy suit and white shirt, you are running the risk of bumping into a high percentage of guys wearing the same thing. Jewelers, socks, headwear and scarves are also viable option. Don’t over accessories though, If you feel like you’re overdoing it take off the last accessory you put on.

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